One-on-one meeting

If you are in a position where you have to lead people, it is highly important to have frequent 1:1 talks with each team member. Personally, I like to do 1:1 every week for 60 minutes. This might be quite challenging when managing larger teams, but it will save you lots of time since it will help you identify problems and roadblocks at an early stage.

Running a 1:1 effectively can be a challenge, due to the amount of work and non-work related topics. The most important thing for the 1:1 I do, is to set up an agenda. For the agenda, not only the manager is in charge, but also the team member. An agenda should always be prepared before the actual 1:1 can start. When the 1:1 starts, first you align on the agenda, to make sure all topics can be covered.

Since I started as a lead, I developed the following structure for each 1:1:

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