In the past year working in different jobs, is that people often think feedback is time-consuming and have too many other tasks on their plate. Here comes in the concept of small feedback. When people think of feedback they mostly think of 1 to 1, catch-ups, meetings, etc. But what I see is that

When giving feedback, people do not only think of your direct colleagues, but also people you work less regularly with, for example, that colleague that gave that interesting presentation you attended, or even your colleague sitting at the front desk that helped you set up

If you use Slack, I recommend using Hey Taco. If your company uses other chat tools like Slack, I recommend to set fixed blocks in your agenda. Also make sure to set a goal of the amount of feedbacks to give. This is completely up to you, but I recommend being ambitious, giving at least 5 small feedbacks per week. This forces you to not only think of your direct colleagues, but also others you work less with.

Hopefully, this advice enables you to increase the frequency of feedbacks.

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