2018 plans

The year 2018 is around the corner, and I am very excited to work on the following topics.

Writing more articles

Last year I managed to only write 2 articles. I can definitely do better than that

Spent more time on side projects

I have a lot of ideas on projects I want to work on, but wasn’t able to finish any. So in 2018 it is time to wrap some projects up including: Building my own PC, building a drone, creating a Google Paper Signals project. Also I want to gain more skills in working with electronics, including the Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

Improve my coding skills

About 10 years ago I started to get into coding. I know pretty much all the ins and outs of CSS and HTML. But apart from some basic PHP modifications in WordPress, I never learned how to manage to write any applications myself. In 2018 I aim to learn to code in PHP and JavaScript. In my day job I work a lot with API developments, and I would love to learn how to code API’s for the development of ChatBots and CMS systems.

Building more relationships

In the new year I want to meet even more different people both inside and outside work.

Living more healthy

One of the things I am pretty proud of is the way I started to live more healthy. This year I want to continue living healthy, and want to set more strict goals. One of my goals is to run at least 500KM, which I will track with Runkeeper.

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