Things I learned in 2017


Do the most important things. Even better, start the day with defining what will be the most important task, and start with it right away. This saved me a lot of headaches.

Data-driven decision making

I always wanted to become better with data. Last year I spent some decent time to improve working with Google Spreadsheets and Excel, and applying my learnings in my day to day job as a Team Lead. A huge help was reading Winning with data


Shut down chat and email applications when you need to focus. And saying no more often.

Reading books

In 2017 I spent significantly more time on reading books, mostly because of the purchase of my Amazon Kindle. Being able to sent books and samples to my Kindle device is very convenient. Also I started to keep track of the books I am reading.


Don’t waste spent time on recurring tasks. Everyday there are the same tasks, that have to be done. These are not only small tasks like writing certain words and sentences like your email addresses or thank you notes. Adopting tools like Alfred and aText saved me hours of work.

Live healthier

A couple of months ago I decided to consume less meat and sugar. Cutting down already resulted in feeling much better. Also this year I started to run on a regular basis. As a runner it is great to live close to Tempelhof, it is the best place to run.

Writing things on paper

I started to carry a little and being able to have a piece of paper near to write down ideas, thoughts, and things I have to do. By doing so, I managed to keep track of things.

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